Manual Control on Lowest Temperature or a 50dBA Noise System by Dragon Center!

Posted on November 07 2017

The GT75VR Titan Pro in the market is the most powerful 17” gaming notebook with Core i7 7820HK CPU, single GTX1080 graphics or dual GTX 1070 SLI graphics, this kind of top level gaming notebooks should come with very powerful cooling system, otherwise the CPU or GPU will be overheating or throttling easily. How good the GT75VR Titan Pro is could handle the heat from overclocked CPU and GPU platform? Let’s check it out!

We all know that MSI GT series did come with most powerful cooling system at the top level segment of the Gaming NB product lines, with dual 12V 5200rpm fan, and 10 heatpipes design, 3 for CPU and 7 for GPU as the dominate cooling system. No need water cooling or extra plate to calm down the heat from CPU and GPU.

The Dragon Center with SHIFT and Cooler Boost Control

The GT75VR Titan Pro designed with great hardware, but with better software could control the GT75 cooling system become more flexible and invincible. MSI Dragon Center helps user to drive GT75VR with highest performance, and still keep lowest temperature or noise depends on what mode you prefer to use. The SHIFT function comes with Turbo Mode, Sport Mode, Comfort Mode, ECO Mode and Power Option Mode.

I set it at Turbo Mode, overclocked Core i7 782HK CPU to 4.1GHz, GTX 1080 GPU Core/VRAM overclocked to 200MHz/200MHz, that made the GT75VR Titan Pro become a stronger beast to play any games with highest detail still over 90FPS easily.

The Turbo and Auto Fan Mode to Get Highest Performance

I did play “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” game and run the test, the game runs smoothly around 90FPS with fastest 120Hz/3ms display, set Fan Speed at Auto Mode as default, the fan speed around 3800~3950rpm, the noise is around 55~56.5dBA, the CPU and GPU temperature keep stable at 81[font=新細明體, serif]°[/font]C. For the 4.1GHz CPU and 200MHz+ overclocked GTX 1080 notebook platform with PUBG gameplay, this is really cool and average noise, no need any extra water-cooling or thermal pad/plate in the bottom.

Set Fan Mode to Cooler Boost to Get Lowest 75°C Temp.

When I set the Fan Mode to Cooler Boost on, this will boost fan speed from 3900rpm become over 5000rpm, that makes the cooling system become hyper power, cool down the CPU and GPU temperature to 75°C in 20sec, it’s really similar as the temp of ultra-low voltage/performance notebook system, but MSI GT75VR did it on top performance single GPU gaming notebook!

Accompany with the highest fan speed and performance, the fan noise will of course boost up as Ill, it’s around 65dBA of the sound volume, but not high frequency noise, it worth for extreme users to have this function!

Get Lowest Noise on GT75VR with Basic Mode on Dragon Center

When I set the Fan Mode to Basic Mode and adjust to lowest speed, this will reduce the fan speed from 3900rpm down to 3000~3200rpm depends on the CPU and GPU loading. This setup could make GT75VR comes with much noise than Cooler Boost Mode. When I play PUBG game for 10 minutes, that drive the system stay with full loading, but at Basic Mode, the fan noise kept around 50dBA, this is 15dBA lower of noise level than Cooler Boost mode, also 5dBA lower than Auto Mode as well.

All MSI Gaming Notebooks Support Cooler Boost and Basic Mode Control by Dragon Center!

Some users prefer to keep lower temperature on CPU and GPU to keep highest performance, but some of the users would like to have lowest noise as possible, in before you used other brand’s notebook you are not able to adjust these on your notebooks, but all of the 7th Intel platform of MSI gaming notebooks already installed Dragon Center software, the SHIFT mode not only allowed user to have a small boost on Turbo mode, but also allow users to set their gaming notebook keep at lower noise level when gaming, that’s the joy of handle your gaming notebook manually!